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  • Female sex dolls, also known as love dolls and blow-up dolls, are sex goddesses always willing to fulfill your dirtiest fantasy and satisfy your every need. Seductive and inviting, female sex dolls are designed for non-stop pleasure. If you are on the lookout for a new sex-only friend, you are welcome to our sex toys shop. Who knows, maybe your ideal sex goddess is waiting for you at our female sex dolls gallery – where the choice is endless, as well as the possibilities!

    • 3-holed-sex-doll-with-glowing Info Buy Now
      $5759 $4799 sale

      3 Holed Sex Doll with Glowing

      Now you can see what your doing with the lights off.

    • exotic-and-erotic-love-doll-cyberskin-pussy-and-ass Info Buy Now
      $22799 $18999 sale

      Exotic and Erotic Love Doll Cyberskin Pussy and Ass

      Lifesize inflatable love doll with removable CyberSkin pussy and ass Open ended, ribbed love tunnel Realistic, 3D face with soft lips and a deep throat mouth...

    • transsexual-jesse-doggie-style-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $9959 $8299 sale

      Transsexual Jesse Doggie Style Love Doll

      Go both ways with Jesse Life like love doll with 3D mannequin face Doggie style positioning Large voluptuous breasts Long flowing blonde hair Removable 9 inch penis 2 love passages oral or...

    • pamela-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $4799 $3999 sale

      Pamela Love Doll

      Pamela Love Doll is the world's sexiest lifeguard. The busty blonde babe with the big tits and even sexier drive. This vixen is always on duty and ready to please you. Let her satisfy you orally, vaginally or anally. This naughty lifeguard never says no.

    • india-nubian-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $5039 $4199 sale

      India Nubian Love Doll

      Let me fulfill your fantasies with my tight round ass firm ripe breasts and my beautiful life like face. Slip your rod inside one of my inviting loving passages and experience what it means to ride the real Nubian Queen Life like...

    • belladonna-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $3959 $3299 sale

      Belladonna Love Doll

      Belladonna Love Doll! The kinkiest freak in porn is all here. From her open mouth to her hot little pussy to tight little ass. Three holes for your pounding pleasure. Hit her hard and watch her beg for more.

    • asian-dream-doll Info Buy Now
      $8039 $6699 sale

      Asian Dream Doll

      Asian Dream Doll asks you to remove her traditional Geisha outfit and reveal her succulent love holes. This girl is ready for your pleasure!

    • moe-moe-magic-sakura-anime Info Buy Now
      $5399 $4499 sale

      Moe Moe Magic Sakura ANIME

      ANIME Female Sex Doll by CalExotics is the perfect travel companion. Compact inflatable masturbator with an advanced digital image of your favorite Anime fantasy girl. Dual sided, with two different full color images. Ergonomic sh...

    • kishimoto-serika-doggie-style-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $7919 $6599 sale

      Kishimoto Serika Doggie Style Love Doll

      Full size ANIME doll by CalExotics, doggie style love doll with voluptuous breasts. Includes a life like tight and stretchy removable masturbator. Advanced digital printing.

    • tereza-barkley-doll Info Buy Now
      $2999 $2499 sale

      Tereza Barkley Doll

      This life size doll of Tereza Barkley has 3 penetrating holes - anus, pussy and mouth. Large breasts with hard nipples, blue eyes and inflatable golden hair shape, all will have you wanting for more.

    • fantasia-sex-doll Info Buy Now
      $11879 $9899 sale

      Fantasia Sex Doll

      Fantasia Sex Doll has soft flesh like skin, long blond hair, life-size features and ripe breasts. Deep throat vibration and suction, vibrating vagina and ultra tight anus. The hand pump controls the suction of her deep swallowing mouth!

    • she-aint-no-beyonce-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $6839 $5699 sale

      She Aint No Beyonce Love Doll

      You don't have to put on ring on this slutty siren as she's crazy in love with cock. This inflatable love doll has all the right moves and 3 thrilling love holes to satisfy your every need.

    • teenage-girl Info Buy Now
      $5879 $4899 sale

      Teenage Girl

      Fun Size, Long silky hair, Loving mouth, Strong Breasts, Exciting vagina and anus....

    • luscious-lucy-inflatable-doll Info Buy Now
      $8999 $7499 sale

      Luscious Lucy Inflatable Doll

      Luscious Lucy Inflatable Doll is all greased up ready for action. Hot and waiting, beach babe luscious Lucy is in position of all fours. 3D Thermal formed face, 2 succulent holes. A life size love doll that comes with seductive sunglasses, sexy bikini and beach skirt.

    • furgee-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $5399 $4499 sale

      Furgee Love Doll

      Give Furgee the Boom Boom now. With 3 filthy penetrating love holes which one will you choose to rock your cock...

    • dianna-stretch-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $4079 $3399 sale

      Dianna Stretch Love Doll

      The only way to a deep penetration, is with 1 leg in the air Mmm, if you keep yours up ill keep mine up Life size inflatable love doll. Why dont you slide into one of Dianna Stretchs Succulent love passages and enjoy all that she ...

    • naomi-night-nurse Info Buy Now
      $5159 $4299 sale

      Naomi Night Nurse

      Slip it off on the operating table and reveal Naomis skimpy tight briefs and suspenders. Handy to have around during invasive procedures Nami Is sure to keep the IV flowing at full drip. Removable pop stud uniform reveals Naomis...

    • brandy-big-boobed-sex-doll Info Buy Now
      $5039 $4199 sale

      Brandy Big Boobed Sex Doll

      Guaranteed to get ya randy. Its Brandy the newest addition to our inflatable harem. She is a Big Boob Love Doll with 3 luscious love holes and lovely large breasts with hard nipples. Her crowning glory is the 3D Formed face and re...

    • perfect-10-doll Info Buy Now
      $39719 $33099 sale

      Perfect 10 Doll

      Deluxe fantasy love doll Glenda Starring as the perfect 10. Featuring the original True to Life Vibrating love grip hand. Satisfying penetrating suction mouth of love, sensuous soft luscious lips. Quivering velvet touch tongue wit...

    • jessica-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $5399 $4499 sale

      Jessica Love Doll

      Forget about point spreads the only thing spreading around here are these sexy thighs Meet Jessica the busty blonde bimbo babe who loves to play ball and always goes deep. She loves it in the end zone and never complains about hol...

    • kinky-kim-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $6959 $5799 sale

      Kinky Kim Love Doll

      Meet Kinky Kim the busty bubble butt bimbo whos had more dark meat in her than a bucket of fried chicken. No one really knows whats shes famous for except cellulite and her insatiable appetite for filthy sex. This dirty lil diva w...

    • monica-real-shape Info Buy Now
      $29759 $24799 sale

      Monica REAL SHAPE

      Have you ever explored a super models moist succulent chambers and made her scream? The vibrating anus and vagina are superbly controlled by an easy to operate multispeed battery pack. Its the ultimate love material that is so soft to touch you'll be amazed!

    • devons-futurotic-dream-doll Info Buy Now
      $29159 $24299 sale

      Devons Futurotic Dream Doll

      Meet Devons Futurotic Dream Doll! Life size sex doll with vibrating and rotating futurotic pussy. Voluptuous breasts, mannequin face and sensuous blonde hair.

    • cyber-skin-sex-doll Info Buy Now
      $25799 $21499 sale

      Cyber Skin Sex Doll

      The ultimate vibrating love doll for virtual touch sex. Life like pussy and anus!...

    • monica-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $5999 $4999 sale

      Monica Love Doll

      The ultimate Monica Love Doll. With 3 entry holes, mouth, pussy and anus....

    • chasey-lain-fantasy-playmate Info Buy Now
      $39719 $33099 sale

      Chasey Lain Fantasy Playmate

      I was molded just for you. Life Like Pleasure Doll. This inflatable love dolls features are original moldings of Chaseys vibrating vagina and butt....

    • wonderful-sex-doll Info Buy Now
      $15479 $12899 sale

      Wonderful Sex Doll

      The ultimate Wonderful Sex Doll. With 3 entry holes, mouth, pussy and anus. She also has moveable ,full long hair, soft skin and deepthroat vibration connected with pump....

    • britney-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $5039 $4199 sale

      Britney Love Doll

      Oops she did it again. With 3 penetrating toxic love holes you can bang this baby one more time!...

    • mylie-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $5399 $4499 sale

      Mylie Love Doll

      Daddys lottle stoner is now ready for you to bone her. With 3 penetrating love holes your be spoilt for choice just like Mylie!...

    • toy-joy-queen-of-europe-vibrating-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $23759 $19799 sale

      Toy Joy Queen Of Europe Vibrating Love Doll

      Guys, we have a sex toy for you! One that will give you hours of penetrating pleasure. The fabulous Queen Of Europe is a life-like sex doll with real vagina, anus, soft nipples and welcoming mouth!


    • toy-joy-ivana-taylor Info Buy Now
      $19799 $16499 sale

      Toy Joy Ivana Taylor

      Hey guys feeling lonely one those hot passionless nights. Need a little help with stimulation and getting off. Here for your own satisfaction we have Ivana Taylor. Ivana is a unique love doll who is ready and willing to help you o...

    • elle-celebrity-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $3839 $3199 sale

      Elle Celebrity Love Doll

      Elle Celebrity Love Doll is ready to please you with all her three holes. Let Elle satisfy you anytime & anywhere!

    • natalie-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $35639 $29699 sale

      Natalie Love Doll

      Blonde love doll with elaborately formed hands and feet. Including a pump for fast inflation, talcum powder and rose pink carriage bag.

    • leticia-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $29759 $24799 sale

      Leticia Love Doll

      Lifesized inflatable love doll with gorgeous face, brunett long hair and soft, nature like breasts. Vagina and anus made of skin like loveclone material and realistically shaped hands and feet. Plus vibration unit for vagina and anus.

    • boxing-bitch-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $7559 $6299 sale

      Boxing Bitch Love Doll

      Boxing Bitch Love Doll is a life-like inflatable love doll, busty bombshell with prize winning pussy. Get ready for twelve rounds of action every time you blow her up youre gonna wanna start a fight just for the make up sex.

    • sasha-grey-3-holes-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $4799 $3999 sale

      Sasha Grey 3 Holes Love Doll

      She is the fantasy of men and women everywhere, and now she's all yours. Sasha Grey offers you her three holes, her mouth, pussy, and ass to satisfy your every desire. Your ultimate sexual fantasy comes true.

    • naughty-naomi-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $4439 $3699 sale

      Naughty Naomi Love Doll

      Naughty Naomi is a hot, tight and ready love doll, 4 color face. 3 love passages. PVC.

    • fatty-patty-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $5999 $4999 sale

      Fatty Patty Love Doll

      She is Fatty Patty, and she is large and in charge. Take this jumbo whore home with you tonight. Her 3 colossal love holes are begging for your pleasure rod!

    • travel-size-tranny-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $2039 $1699 sale

      Travel Size Tranny Love Doll

      Travel Size Tranny Love Doll is everything you want in a woman, plus a lil something extra. Why choose between the sexes when you can have sluts with nuts. Just give her a little blow and she's yours for the night!

    • travel-size-travel-size-fatty-patty-blow-up-doll Info Buy Now
      $2279 $1899 sale

      Travel Size Travel Size Fatty Patty Blow Up Doll

      Her blood type is ragu, her belt size is the equator, and she has to iron her pants in the driveway every morning. Shes Fatty Patty and shes living large.

    • big-boob-blow-up-doll Info Buy Now
      $5639 $4699 sale

      Big Boob Blow Up Doll

      If you like the Soft, Sweet swell of massive titties and the look and feel of cherry topped tits this doll is just perfect for you. Her round, firm globes sway and bounce as you stuff your hard cock in her pink openings. We LOVE big tits and think you will too.

    • milf-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $5039 $4199 sale

      MILF Love Doll

      This female blow up doll is a real woman, not a girl. Enjoy mature love doll M.I.L.F. She has three love holes to satisfy you the best way, she knows how.

    • big-joe-male-doll Info Buy Now
      $8399 $6999 sale

      Big Joe Male Doll

      A life size doll with a 7 inch removable dick comes with wide open mouth, inviting anus and a perfect looking face. This doll is for any man or women who like the feeling of taking advantage of someone. He is large and in charge. Dont worry he wont bite.

    • hustler-virtual-girl Info Buy Now
      $1,28759 $1,07299 sale

      Hustler Virtual Girl

      The Virtual Girl Living Foam Doll is the first life size sex companion with Cyberskin lips, vagina, and anus. Made with life-like Virtex skin for Virtual Touch sex! She remains in a kneeling position and is about 3 feet tall.

    • the-jenna-jameson-extreme-doll Info Buy Now
      $38639 $32199 sale

      The Jenna Jameson Extreme Doll

      The Jenna Jameson Extreme Doll is molded directly from The Queen of Porn Jenna Jameson! The Jenna doll by Doc Johnson is a life-sized inflatable love doll with vibrating tight mouth and...

    • jamie-lynn-vibrating-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $26759 $22299 sale

      Jamie Lynn Vibrating Love Doll

      Molded from porn actress Jamie Lynn, Jamie Lynn Vibrating doll is almost as hot as the real Jamie. Jamie doll comes with a double ended masturbation sleeve that can be used with...

    • sex-teen-doll Info Buy Now
      $3719 $3099 sale

      Sex Teen Doll

      The Sex Teen Love Doll by Seven Creations is waiting for her own sex guru to give her the lesson of love. This pleasure-hungry lady is always ready to follow your every instruction and fulfill your every fantasy. The Sex Teen is a...

    • jill-kelly-sensual-suction-sex-doll Info Buy Now
      $22799 $18999 sale

      Jill Kelly Sensual Suction Sex Doll

      Natural feel breasts, removable super-stretchy vagina and a mouth that sucks and vibrates – Jill Kelly Sex Doll is more than an inflatable girl. It is a sucking vibrating sex machine that...

    • super-shirley-doll Info Buy Now
      $8999 $7499 sale

      Super Shirley Doll

      Silky hair, inviting mouth, round tits, cute pink nipples, and a super pussy that vibrates at your command – this is Super Shirley by Seven Creations! Super Shirley is a life-sized sex doll that comes with insertable multi-speed vibrator.

    • marilyn-little-girl-doll Info Buy Now
      $6239 $5199 sale

      Marilyn Little Girl Doll

      Show this girl who is the boss here. But keep in mind – Marilyn told us she only sleeps with the best. So if you know you are the best, then Marilyn will become your most dedicated lover. Marilyn is a little girl sex doll with youthful...

    • tera-patrick Info Buy Now
      $47519 $39599 sale

      Tera Patrick

      This is a molded latex body casting of Penthouse Pet Tera Patrick! ..This is the doll you have been wanting and waiting for..! Futurotic mouth customized-to-fit so it is all about YOU! TWO multispeed bullets for added pleasure...

    • inked-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $40679 $33899 sale

      Inked Love Doll

      Sophia's Inked Love Doll – she can be your sweet little angel or hot sinful devil that is ready to fulfill your wildest desires! This California Exotic sex doll features three love tunnels, wireless vibration, and...

    • the-private-secretary Info Buy Now
      $8999 $7499 sale

      The Private Secretary

      The Private Secretary Sex Doll is a highly sex-perienced work assistant ready to take dick-tation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Overtime is no problem for this hard-working busty blonde. She really knows how to please her boss and...

    • jho-love-doll Info Buy Now
      $4799 $3999 sale

      JHo Love Doll

      JHo famous fanny love doll! Shes got the most celebrated ass in town and now it's all yours. You can enjoy every inch of this beautiful Bronx bombshell. Her thick round butt is begging to be squeezed, spanked and pounded deep.

    • sunrise-vivid-doll Info Buy Now
      $5999 $4999 sale

      Sunrise Adams Vivid Girl

      Part of Doc Johnson collection of The Vivid Girls blow-up dolls, this inflatable doll features three pleasure holes and has the actual face of the Vivid blonde Sunrise Adams painted on doll! ...

    • toy-joy-brigitt-lovewell Info Buy Now
      $5039 $4199 sale

      Toy Joy Brigitt Lovewell

      Toy Joy Brigitt Lovewell – blonde, able and willing to please! Brigitt Lovewell Love Doll by ToyJoy features a photo-print face, squeezable breasts and 3 soft openings for your pleasure. Whether...

    • kombat-cherri Info Buy Now
      $5039 $4199 sale

      Kombat Cherri

      Armed with weapons of seduction and geared up for action, Kombat Cherri is ready for a hot battle! Kombat Cherri is an exciting blow-up love doll equipped with 3 seductive holes that will have you standing at attention and following...

    • $27960 $26960 sale

      Tokyo Diva

      Tokyo Diva Love Doll by Top Co is a real-feel, triple-entry, blow-up sex doll that has to be seen and felt to be believed. Tokyo Diva is equipped with the best ammunition for a man’s pleasure. Let's see what this nymph has to offer...

    • $3540 $3115 sale


      Japan's most mature angel, Yudi, can't wait for you to dig her deep and make her come. Yudi Love Doll is an inflatable, full-size sex doll featuring two love holes that lubricate themselves on penetration. Let this angel fulfill your wildest...

    • $5159 $4299 sale

      Porky Paulina The Fat Slapper

      Whatever you choose to do with Porky Paulina, this plus-size hottie is sure to excite and entertain! We wouldn’t say this sex doll is the epitome of perfection and...

    • $3959 $3299 sale

      Tera Heart

      Deep throat, voluptuous breasts, succulent pussy and tempting ass in the air – Tera Heart Doll has it all for your total satisfaction. Tera Heart High Noon Position Doll is a full size inflatable love doll...

    • $4079 $3399 sale

      Muzuki Love Doll

      Muzuki Cherry Ripe Love Doll is a life size inflatable playmate with large voluptuous breasts and 3 lovely holes for your pleasure. Her mouth, pussy and anus are tight and ready for a deep penetration. Muzuki features hard...